Distance diploma courses distance education diploma courses in any stream are the shortest courses that give opportunities to work in professional word.

Diplomas of higher education (DipHEs) are undergraduate qualifications equivalent to two-thirds of an honours degree. They focus on a particular job, profession or academic study, and are designed to improve your professional or technical skills, or your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. A DipHE also shows that you're capable of extended study at universities level.

Studying for a degree allows you to explore your chosen subject in depth & much more so than in diploma, certificate or short course.

A bachelors degree is an undergraduate university degree. We offer a wide range of undergraduate degree courses across different subject areas in various faculties. They include Business Management, Classical Studies, Engineering, English Literature, History, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Sport and Youth Work, to name but a few.

Postgraduate diploma programs (PG Diploma) programs are mainly targeted to offer professional education and training to the candidates for better employment opportunity and industry readiness.

PGD through distance learning is an easy and affordable access to higher education because its reach is unlimited or unimaginably vast. Distance learning has harmonized itself well with existing professional and personal responsibilities of the individuals.The high-quality, well-structured instructional material both in print and electronic media is use for Distance learning.

The Open University offers a wide range of Masters degree programmes.Each of these courses is accredited by UGC, Distance education council and Ministry of IHRD.

For most of our Masters degree programmes you’ll need to have studied an undergraduate degree (or equivalent qualification) in a relevant subject. Some Masters degrees have additional requirementsA postgraduate degree is a leading stone to a learner’s career progression. It defines the industry and the nature of work that a learner would tread in the future.

The ones who want to upgrade their knowledge can join such professional courses. Though in India, there are huge numbers of institute that offer these courses..

Pofessional courses are becoming a popular alternative to academics – the training gives a great advantage. It also allows you to take personal interest and lifestyle choices into consideration when deciding a career path, and goals can be set based on immediate and tangible objectives.It also increases the thinking horizon by helping one arrange different kinds of activities at the workplace for all the employees.